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Division of Neuropathology
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1960 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

Case #
Diagnosis & Discussion
Virtual Slides
1960-01 DS-1960-01 Granuloma in hypothalamic area
1960-02 DS-1960-02 Diffuse hypertrophy of cerebellar cortex-Lhermitte-Duclas (Purkinjioma)
1960-03 DS-1960-03 Tuberose sclerosis
1960-04 DS-1960-04 Atypical reactive amputation neuroma
1960-05 DS-1960-05 Ganglioglioma of spinal cord
1960-06 DS-1960-06 Microglioma
1960-07 DS-1960-07 Toxoplasmosis in patient with Hodgkin's disease
1960-08 DS-1960-08 Inclusion body encephalitis
1960-09 DS-1960-09 Thrombotic occlusion of aorta with myelomalacia and renal infarction (cat.)
1960-10 DS-1960-10 ? White matter changes secondary to carcinoma
1960-11 DS-1960-11 Demyelination associated with carcinomatosis
1960-12 DS-1960-12 Glioma of ? type vs. cholesteotoma