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Karen Weber

Division of Neuropathology
University of Pittsburgh
School of Medicine
Room S701 Scaife Hall
200 Lothrop Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Tel: 412-624-7897


1961 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

Case #
Diagnosis & Discussion
Virtual Slides
1961-01 DS-1961-01 Broom straw in spinal subdural space
1961-02 DS-1961-02 Viral encephalitis
1961-03 DS-1961-03 Leigh's encephalopathy (in baby)
1961-04 DS-1961-04 Polioencephalomalacia (calf)
1961-05 DS-1961-05 Malignant pilocytic astrocytoma of superior colliculus invading meninges in region of pineal
1961-06 DS-1961-06 Tumor in pineal region . Probably teratoma
1961-07 DS-1961-07 Brain of premature, irradiated in utero
1961-08 DS-1961-08 Temporal lobe tumor ? Gliosarcoma
1961-09 DS-1961-09 Cortex & optic nerve - Probably meningeal sarcomatosis
1961-10 DS-1961-10 Striatal degeneration in 25 month old infant
1961-11 DS-1961-11 ? Vascular malformation of choroid plexus