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1963 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

Case #
Diagnosis & Discussion
Virtual Slides
Publication Citation
1963-01 DS-1963-01 Metastatic carcinoma of breast in a meningioma
Osterberg DH. J Neurosurg. 1957 May;14(3):337-43
1963-02 DS-1963-02 Sarcoma arising in metastatic carcinoma of brain
Schwartz I et al. Acta Neuropathol. 1963 Sep 2;3:74-8
1963-03 DS-1963-03 Subacute necrotizing infantile encephalopathy; Alper's disease; lead poisoning
1963-04 DS-1963-04 Ectopic pineal teratoma
1963-05 DS-1963-05 Bilaterally symmetrical cysts in superior frontal gyri, probably traumatic in origin
Lindenberg R et al. Arch Pathol. 1969 Mar;87(3):298-305
1963-06 DS-1963-06 Diffuse cerebellar astrocytoma infiltrating the leptomeninges in patient with neurofibromatosis
1963-07 DS-1963-07 X-ray effect with hypertrophic neurons
Lampert PW et al. Neurology. 1964 Oct;14:912-7
1963-08 DS-1963-08 Batten's disease - lipidosis
1963-09 DS-1963-09 Ectopic pinealoma-atypical teratoma vs. oligoglioma (in a Boston terrier)
1963-10 DS-1963-10 Binswanger's subcortical encephalopathy
1963-11 DS-1963-11 Ectopic pinealoma with chorion-epitheliomatous transformation
1963-12 DS-1963-12 Dissecting aneurysm
1963-13 DS-1963-13 Microgliomatosis