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1966 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

Case #
Diagnosis & Discussion
Virtual Slides
Publication Citation
1966-01 DS-1966-01 Congenital rubella encephalopathic vascular disease
1966-02 DS-1966-02 Allergic encephalomyelitis with peripheral neuropathy (probably not multiple sclerosis)
1966-03 DS-1966-03 Disseminated Toxoplasmosis
1966-04 DS-1966-04 Spinal cord changes in familial dysautonomia
Fogelson MH et al. Arch Neurol. 1967 Jul;17(1):103-8.
1966-05 DS-1966-05 Cockayne's disease
1966-06 DS-1966-06 Bronchogenic carcinoma in astrocytoma; malignant de-differentiation of astrocytes in bronchogenic carcinoma
1966-07 DS-1966-07 Neuroblastoma arising from neurosecretory cells of hypothalamus
1966-08 DS-1966-08 Neuronal dystrophy in a Golden Retriever
1966-09 DS-1966-09 Alper's disease
1966-10 DS-1966-10 Inclusion body disease   Lindenberg R et al. Acta Neuropathol. 1968 Jan 2;10(1):54-73