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1985 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

Case #
Diagnosis & Discussion
Virtual Slides
Publication Citation
1985-01 DS-1985-01 Neurothekeoma
1985-02 DS-1985-02 Pick's disease
1985-03 DS-1985-03 Transverse myelitis due to schistosoma mansoni
1985-04 DS-1985-04 Sparganosis due to spirometra
Fan KJ et al. Neurology. 1986 Sep;36(9):1249-51
1985-05 DS-1985-05 Whipple's disease
1985-06 DS-1985-06

Free-living amoebic infection

Wiley CA et al. J Infect Dis. 1987 Jan;155(1):130-3
1985-07 DS-1985-07 Nonspecific toxic reaction
1985-08 DS-1985-08 Congenital infection vs. congenital malformations due to an intrauterine infection or ischemia
1985-09 DS-1985-09 Primary leptomeningeal myxoma
1985-10 DS-1985-10 Ethylene glycol intoxication
1985-11 DS-1985-11 Methanol intoxication