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2010 Diagnostic Slide Session Cases

Case #
Virtual Slides
Diagnosis & Discussion
Publication Citation
2010-01 DS-2010-01
Phosphaturic mesenchymal tumor, mixed connective tissue variant (PMTMCT) Marshall AE et al. Brain Pathol 2010 Mar; 20 (2): 499-502
2010-02 DS-2010-02
Primary solitary amyloidoma  
2010-03 DS-2010-03

Brain, right occipital, mass: Nodular, necrotizing, lymphohistiocytic inflammatory lesion consistent with CNS involvement by Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease  
2010-04 DS-2010-04
Epithelial and spindle (sarcomatous) and chondroid (mesenchymal) elements  
2010-05 DS-2010-05
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)  
2010-06 DS-2010-06
Varicella zoster radiculitis, meningitis and vasculitis associated with intraparenchymal hemorrhage  
2010-07 DS-2010-07
Rupture of vertebrobasilar artery aneurysm due to isolated intracranial giant cell arteritis  
2010-08 DS-2010-08
Canine distemper virus  
2010-09 DS-2010-09
Feline leukomyelopathy  
2010-10 DS-2010-10
Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis  
2010-11 DS-2010-11
Frontotemporal lobar degeneration (UPS) with cerebellar involvement  
2010-12 DS-2010-12
Nieman-Pick disease, type C1