D I V I S I O N  O F  N E U R O P A T H O L O G Y

U n i v e r s i t y  o f  P i t t s b u r g h  S c h o o l  o f  M e d i c i n e

D e p a r t m e n t  o f  P a t h o l o g y


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Updated: 11/8/18


Neurology Presenter

Neuropathology Presenter
8/6/18   Clayton Wiley View Presentation Introduction to Neurohistology
10/1/18 Madison Pilato Geoff Murdoch View Presentation Skeletal muscle and peripheral nerve
11/5/18 Bill Su Geoff Murdoch View Presentation CNS Infections
12/3/18 Mike Korsmo Clayton Wiley   Neurodegenerative
1/7/19 Steve Gangloff   Glial and Glioneuronal tumors
2/4/19 Clayton Wiley RITE Review
4/1/19 Devin Burke   Vascular
5/6/19 Mike Isfort   Trauma
6/3/19 Ben Edmunds     Congenital Malformations
5/7/17 Pouria Moshayedi     Vascular
6/4/17       Trauma
8/7/17     View Presentation Introduction to Neurohistology (Part 1)
8/14/17   View Presentation Introduction to Neurohistology (Part 2)
9/18/17 Xiaowei (Bill) Su   View Presentation
11/6/17 Brian Hanrahan   View Presentation Neurodegenerative
12/4/17   Skeletal muscle/PNS disorders
4/18/16 Megan Mantica   View Presentation Glial and Glioneuronal Tumors
    View Presentation Neurodegenerative Neuropath
Stephanie Paolini   View Presentation Metabolic and Toxic Disorders Neuropathology
9/12/16 Wilson Heredia  

View Presentation

Diffused traumatic brain/axonal injury (DAI)
10/3/16 Christina Catherine   View Presentation

Demyelinating Disorders

?/?/16 Kiruba Dharaneeswaran   View Presentation Vasculitis
?/?/16     View Presentation Neurodegenerative
1/10/15 Steven Factor  

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View Reference

Case Study: Metachromatic leukodystrophy, adult form
1/26/15 Robyn Massa   View Presentation CNS fungal infections
2/16/15   View Presentation Neurodegenerative Neuropath
3/16/15 Diana Mnatsakanova   View Presentation Case of a weak heart
4/18/15   View Presentation Neuropathology and epilepsy: Neuronal migration defects; Hippocampal sclerosis
5/28/15 Andrew Levin   View Presentation Case Presentation: Vasculitis
11/16/15 Kara Wyant   View Presentation Congenital malformations, perinatal diseases, and pharmatoses
12/21/15 Thomas Shoemaker   View Presentation Pathology of demyelinating disease
3/13/14   View Presentation Neurodegenerative Diseases
8/21/14 Kara Wyant   View Presentation Pathology review of low grade gliomas

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Neurohistology for Neurologists
10/27/14 Thomas Shoemaker   View Presentation Pathology of demyelinating disease
12/18/14 Jennifer Nichols   View Presentation Bacterial meningitis
11/14/13   View Presentation Vasculitis
12/19/13   View Presentation Case Study: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex