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Updated: 5/17/18



Neuropathology Attending
Unknown Protocol
1/29/18 Christina Kyrtsos Julia Kofler View Presentation  
2/19/18 Daniel Guillen      
3/19/18 Daniel Guillen      
4/16/18 Susan Sun Geoff Murdoch View Presentation  
5/21/18 Jody Manners Clayton Wiley View Presentation  
6/18/18 Xiaowei (Bill) Su      
Christina Kytsos
Geoff Murdoch
3/17/17 Pouria Moshayedi Ronald Hamilton View Presentation
Geoff Murdoch
Kevin Elmore Clayton Wiley
Geoff Murdoch
5/19/17 Michael Isfort Ronald Hamilton View Presentation
6/2/17 Geoff Murdoch

6/16/17 Julia Kofler
8/21/17 Natalia Gonzalez Clayton Wiley View Presentation Multi-organ failure with acute cerebral edema possibly secondary to drug reaction
9/11/17 Madison Pilato Clayton Wiley View Presentation Severe arteriolosclerosis with multifocal chronic and acute infarcts
10/16/17   Clayton Wiley    
11/20/17 Lauren Brandes Clayton Wiley CANCELED CANCELED
12/18/17 Shreya Nayak Clayton Wiley    
1/15/16 Jody Manners Geoff Murdoch View Presentation Perinatal injury, multiple episodes; Focal cortical dysplasia with ectopic white matter neurons (FCD Type 1A); Pointed configuration of frontal lobes (associated trigonocephaly); Microencephaly
2/5/16 Diana Mnatsakanova Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Ventriculomegaly, mild, frontal and occipital horns bilateral; Clinical history of Parkinsonism; No evidence of lewy bodies, tauopathies or other neurodegenerative disease
3/4/16 Brian Hanrahan Geoff Murdoch View Presentation Intravascular CD20-positive large B-cell lymphoma
3/18/16 Tom Shoemaker Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Demential with Lewy Bodies
4/1/16 Natalia Gonalez Clayton Wiley View Presentation Subacute infarcts, multiple
4/15/16 Kiruba Dharaneeswaran Ronald Hamilton View Presentation
5/6/16 Alexis Steinberg Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Sequelae of severe chronic traumatic brain injury
5/20/16 Thomas Shoemaker Geoff Murdoch View Presentation
6/3/16 Eric Jackowiak Ronald Hamilton View Presentation
6/17/16 Unknown Geoff Murdoch

Subacute remote infarcts; Hyperacute geographic infarcts, multifocal cortical convexities; arteriosclerotic small vessel disease; Left corticopontine / pontocerebellar hypoplasia, mild

8/5/16 Jody Manners Clayton Wiley View Presentation
8/19/16 Eric Jackowiak Ronald Hamilton View Presentation
9/2/16 Elissa Ortolani Geoff Murdoch
9/16/16 Clayton Wiley
10/7/16 Geoff Murdoch
10/21/16 Ronald Hamilton
11/4/16 Natalia Gonzalez Geoff Murdoch View Presentation
11/18/16 Clayton Wiley
12/2/16 Ronald Hamilton
12/16/16 Geoff Murdoch
8/7/15 Jennifer Nichols Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Glioblastoma multiforme
8/21/15 Stella Lai Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Metastatic melanoma
9/4/15 Andrew Levine Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Middle cerebral artery infarction
9/18/15 Deepak Soneji Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Limbic encephalitis
10/2/15 C. Chauncey Spears Geoff Murdoch View Presentation Middle cerebral artery infarction, malignant edema, hemi-craniectomy
10/16/15 Kara Wyant Julia Kofler View Presentation Argyrophilic grain disease; Primary age-related tauopathy
11/20/15 Tom Shoemaker Julia Kofler View Presentation Dementia with Lewy Bodies neocortical type; Alzheimer's disease neuropathologic change, intermediate level; Cerebrovascular disease
12/18/16 Natalia Gonzalez Ronald Hamilton View Presentation Lissencephaly, Type II, Walker-Warburg Syndrome