D I V I S I O N  O F  N E U R O P A T H O L O G Y

U n i v e r s i t y  o f  P i t t s b u r g h  S c h o o l  o f  M e d i c i n e

D e p a r t m e n t  o f  P a t h o l o g y


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Research Specialist S782 Scaife 412-383-5380  N/A jacst102@pitt.edu
Research Specialist S763 Scaife 412-624-5441 N/A arc87@pitt.edu
Professor S701.1 Scaife 412-383-5379 412-958-2734 or 2094 (SR) ctc4@pitt.edu
Veterinary Pathologist 724-733-5154 or 412-780-7798 (Cell) N/A VETPATHOL@cs.com
Associate Professor S701.3 Scaife 412-624-6353 412-958-0368 or 8803 (SR) koflerjk@upmc.edu
Professor A724.1 Scaife 412-624-6610 412-958-6766 or 10272 (SR) kulichsm@upmc.edu
Professor S701.2 Scaife 412-624-9099 or 412-647-1706 412-765-8108 or 2717 (SR) lacomisd@upmc.edu
MARKER, Daniel
Neuropathology Clinical Fellow A718 Scaife 412-624-6240 412-958-5218; 5171 (SR) markerdf@upmc.edu
Associate Professor A724.2 Scaife 412-624-6165 412-958-2147 or 7581 (SR) murdochgh@upmc.edu
PEARCE, Thomas
Neuropathology Clinical Fellow S758 Scaife Hall 412-624-5452


Research Specialist S757 Scaife 412-624-5191 N/A kam226@pitt.edu
Administrative Assistant S701 Scaife 412-624-9415 N/A romanellocm@upmc.edu
Neuropathology Clinical Fellow A720 Scaife 412-624-6240 412-958-5149 or 6360 (SR) shepleram@upmc.edu
Research Specialist S763 Scaife 412-624-5366 N/A mfs13@pitt.edu
VERMA, Manish
Chu Lab S782 Scaife 412-383-5380 NA mav82@pitt.edu
WANG, Zhi Qiang (Kent)
Chu Lab S782 Scaife 412-383-5380 NA zkw1@pitt.edu
Research Specialist S755 Scaife 412-624-7548 N/A guw3@pitt.edu
Coordinator S701 Scaife 412-624-7897 N/A weberkm@upmc.edu
Research Specialist S757 Scaife 412-624-5191 N/A werley@pitt.edu
Medical Director/Professor S701.4 Scaife 412-624-0764 412-255-5501 or 2367 (SR)
Neuropathology Sign-Out Room
  A722 Scaife 412-624-3805; FAX: 412-624-5488    
Eye Path Sign-Out Room
A720 Scaife 412-624-5867
Eye Path Gross Room
A808 Scaife 412-624-3117
Glass Slide File Room
S725A Scaife 412-624-3701
Conference Room
S751 Scaife Conf Phone: 412-648-7107; Rm Phone: 412-648-7057
Totten Conference Room
618 Scaife 412-647-6079