D I V I S I O N  O F  N E U R O P A T H O L O G Y

U n i v e r s i t y  o f  P i t t s b u r g h  S c h o o l  o f  M e d i c i n e

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Instructions specific for NP fellow/pathology resident in italics.

See also:
Goals for Service 2 NP fellow

Responsibilities for NP Fellow
Goals and Responsibilities for Ophthalmology residents

  1. Specimen received in grossing room (6th floor PUH). Consult cases will be accessioned by Christina or Karen and will already be on dissecting scope in Room M8705 PUH South Tower.
    • PAs will gross routine specimens including eviscerations on the 6th floor.
    • Enucleations and oriented limbal/conjunctival biopsies are generally grossed by residents with Dr. Chu at Gross Conference.

  2. Slides prepared by histology and placed on the incoming cases shelf in M8605 PUH South Tower. Christina will print the Tuesday Ophthalmic conference case list on Monday.

  3. On Monday, the fellow or resident will review the list provided by Christina or print their own list using Specimens by Retrieval Flag and Accession Date Report - load Tuesday Ophthalmic Conference criteria.  The ophthalmology residents are responsible for arriving by 8:30 and working with the fellow on the external gross examination of the eyeballs, obtaining additional history or clinical images, and/or previewing cases for signout. If there is no fellow, the ophthalmology resident will perform 3a-3c.
    • Organize paperwork and slides for all pending cases.
    • For all pending cases without slides, identify reason (eyeball for Gross conference, gross only, slides lost, or needs grossing by PAs).
    • Obtain histories for gross conference and signout conferences.
    • NP fellow/pathology resident to review slides prior to signout, write down diagnoses and impressions, and order special stains as needed (discuss with Dr. Chu if specimen is tiny). See also Coverage when Dr. Chu is not available.

  4. Tuesday 8:30 am – 12 pm. Gross Enucleation Conference followed by microscopic signout.  M8705 and M8605 South Tower.
    • Between 8:30 and 9:30 on Tuesdays, resident and fellow will independently complete external examination of the eye, through the transillumination step (Eye Gross Work Sheet)
    • 9:30 am - Gross conference, followed by Microscopic signout and ordering of special stains. The resident/fellow assigned to obtain additional clinical history should make every effort to obtain this information by Wednesday am, and will report to Dr. Chu at that time even if no additional information can be obtained.
    • Optional – ophthalmology residents can send a list of pathological entities they are interested in viewing at the start of their rotation – if such cases exist in the virtual slide teaching database, the cases will be reviewed at the end of signout.

  5. Report finalized (link to Eye Path Quick Text) by NP fellow/pathology resident, and forwarded to Dr. Chu for signout by the end of day Tuesday.