D I V I S I O N  O F  N E U R O P A T H O L O G Y

U n i v e r s i t y  o f  P i t t s b u r g h  S c h o o l  o f  M e d i c i n e

D e p a r t m e n t  o f  P a t h o l o g y


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Weekly Activities
  1. Specimen received in grossing room (6th Floor PUH)
    1. Accessioned, gross dictated initial special stains ordered by resident/fellow

  2. Slides prepared and placed in incoming box (A509-PUH)

  3. Clinical information, imaging studies/reports and previous surgical specimens/reports compiled by residents prior to signout

  4. Cases reviewed by resident/fellow
    1. Special stains ordered

  5. Case reviewed at signout by Neuropathologist
    1. Special stains ordered
    2. Communicate diagnosis to neurosurgeon/oncologist verbally/phone when necessary

  6. Report dictated by resident/fellow
    1. (Frozen section diagnosis, provisional diagnosis, final diagnosis is all to be signed out by the same attending except by special arrangements)

  7. Report transcribed:
    1. Electronic copy forwarded to Neuropathology Fellow

  8. Case reviewed by Neuropathology Fellow:
    1. Forwarded to Neuropathologist for electronic signout

  9. Report and images reviewed by Neuropathologist
    1. Signed out

  10. Case/images reviewed at subsequent signout sessions