D I V I S I O N  O F  N E U R O P A T H O L O G Y

U n i v e r s i t y  o f  P i t t s b u r g h  S c h o o l  o f  M e d i c i n e

D e p a r t m e n t  o f  P a t h o l o g y


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Outside slides are received by the Neuropathology Secretary in Room 8719 PUH South Tower.

Accessioned and assigned a PHS#

Gross entered including:

  • Number of pages and letters and reports, originating hospital, address and phone number
  • Number of slides and labeling of each slide, final diagnosis of original report and name of pathologist who signed report.

Placed in plastic slide tray, and placed in "Incoming box" in 8725 PUH South Tower.

Clinical information and imaging studies/reports compiled by resident/fellow.

Case reviewed by resident if received before noon (If received after noon, resident is to decide whether they need to be reviewed by attending prior to the next signout).

If additional clinical information is needed, resident obtains prior to signout.

Case reviewed at signout by Neuropathologist.

Special stains are ordered.

Report dictated and images acquired by resident/fellow.

Report transcribed; placed in Neuropathology Fellow queue.

Case reviewed by Neuropathology Fellow and forwarded to attending Neuropathologist queue.

Case/images reviewed at subsequent signout sessions.

Requisition and slides are returned to Neuropathology Secretary in Room 8719 PUH South Tower for processing.

The slides are packaged and returned to the originating hospital along with a copy of our surgical report.